Critical Mistakes Made By Students In The Construction Of Thesis Statements For Essays

October 26, 2021

          Coming up with a good thesis statement is easier said than done. After all, it is what sets the tone of your entire essay or is the backbone of any essay. It is a thing that can make or break your essay. So you must learn to formulate a proper thesis statement. It becomes all the more important for students who are made to write essays and research papers time and again. In this post, you will know what are some critical mistakes made by students while writing thesis statements.

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Formulating a good thesis statement ensures that your essay or research paper will be compelling. Firstly we should define a thesis statement. It is a general idea or a concise summary of the claim or main point of the essay or research paper. It is normally a single statement that appears at the end of your introduction paragraph. Usually, you have to prove your thesis statement in your essay with arguments, examples, and factual data. Since it is important to know how to write good thesis statements, students can pursue a professional essay writer from which they can learn much about developing thesis statements.

You can easily access an essay writer on various essay writing services online. You will have to request them for a research paper and essay help. What you can do is to get some essays and paper made by them and then you can learn the tips, tricks, and techniques out of those assignments which their writers employ in writing the essays and papers. I borrowed some ideas from such essays as I was not good at developing a good thesis statement as a student.

Below some critical mistakes are outlined which the students make while formulating a good thesis statement.

No knowledge of a Thesis Statement

Students often write their whole paper without knowing what a thesis statement is. It is probably the most important and critical mistake made by students. They do not know what is a thesis statement so definitely they will not be able to write a good thesis statement or a thesis statement at all. One must have proper knowledge of a thesis statement before writing an essay or get an essay writer service

Unclear Thesis Statement

          Consciously or unconsciously, some students write a statement that is not clear. So a reader will lose interest from the very start. A thesis statement must be clear and lucid. It implies a clarity of thought of the writer and the reader knows well what he is going to find in the essay.

Complicated Statement

A thesis statement must be simple and clear and it should not be complicated. It is a simple idea or opinion of the writer which must be written in simple words.

Basic or Obvious Statement

Sometimes students write a clear and uncomplicated statement, but it is too basic or obvious for the reader. You should have your input in the essay, so an obvious statement must be avoided.

Poor language of the Statement

          A thesis statement should not have a poor choice of language and words. At times, students use slang and abbreviations in the statement which must be avoided at any cost.

Besides having proper knowledge of how to construct a thesis statement, a research student should know about the citation format he is supposed to use in the paper. Common citation formats include APA, MLA, Chicago Style, Harvard, IEEE citation style, etc. A general understanding of all of them is necessary for a student as well as the ideas about developing good thesis statements and get the best essay writing service

          So, if you want to come up with good thesis statements, this post will help you overcome those mistakes which are made while formulating the thesis statements. In this way, you will be able to write impressive and compelling essays.

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